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Gary Boyle

Gary Boyle

Beats Medical Parkinson's user since 2017

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John MacPhee

Beats Medical Parkinson’s user since 2014



Beats Medical Dyspraxia user since 2018

Tailored Technologies for CNS Conditions

Beats Medical are global leaders in delivering innovative technology to understand and support CNS and rare genetic conditions, helping to improve patient lives.

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Our Core Technology

All of our applications are powered by Beats Medical Colbolt©, our intelligent platform with the unique ability to accurately evaluate a patient’s condition, create an advanced understanding and deliver a unique therapeutic program.

Industry Leaders in Digital Therapeutics

Beats Medical Colbolt© provides evidence-based assessments and therapeutic interventions, deployed to turn a patient’s phone or tablet into an ISO 134 85 compliant medical device. Customisable to a multitude of CNS and rare genetic disorders, it provides rapid deployment of digital solutions with the aim of reducing operational expenditure on current and future technologies while enhancing value return. These unique deployments create rich data insights, giving you a better understanding of a patient’s condition, progress and outcomes.

Customisation & Deployment

Broad Disease Applicability

Real World Evidence


“At Vhi, we believe in investing in innovative technology that is powered by the best clinical expertise and customer centred designs. Vhi is delighted to partner with Beats Medical. Technology like this can significantly improve condition management for our customers’ lives because it’s more convenient, engaging, and in this case, it may even be a game-changer."

A revelation for those living with conditions such as Parkinson’s.

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